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As an occupational therapist I was able to loan equipment to safely assess an individual before i purchased good from Indy. This is particularly helpful as a lot of disability equipment is expensive and it is very important to buy the right equipment. Following the assessment I was able to order the goods directly with them and this process was quick and effective. Because they are clinicians in the shop they know what I need in terms of support and enable me to deal with my clients needs quickly and efficiently.

Which? Trusted Traders Consumer


We are so happy that we found out about this company. The mobility shop is incredibly useful to view their products and their service is wonderful - I would highly recommend!

Which? Trusted Traders Consumer07/01/2017


We’re aiming to provide the breadth of choice and attractive ambiance of a top-notch high street store with the quality of service and professional advice that will help disabled people to improve their quality of life

David Badham

Company Founder 10/10/2008

I genuinely never thought that there would be a place that would be like this, that would be selling mobility aids and the things that I need for my life, that I'd actually want to come into, that I'd want to come and browse around and look... I would actually drive way out of my way to come and and look at a place like this.

Tanni Grey-Thompson

Paralympic Gold Medalist at the launch of Indy Enabled Living in Evesham 10/10/2008

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