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Indy can offer expert advice on a wide variety of profiling beds, from hospital style beds through to less obtrusive profiling rise and recline beds which look great as well as providing you a good nights sleep and helping you to get safely in and out of bed in the morning.


As with chairs we can get hold of all types of bed for you both customised prescription beds and standard models depending on your needs. We have a representative sampling of profiling beds in our Evesham branch where we can assess you needs and where you can get a feel for the bed and customise it to meet your needs and to match you home.


If you are interested in buying a profiling bed then we can't recommend strongly enough that you pay us a visit, we'll not only make sure you get the right product for you but also that you pay the right price. You won't be disappointed.


For details of our store opening times and locations please click here. Alternatively if you want to discuss options please call us on 01386 443857.

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