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As a measure of Indy's dedication to excellence in every aspect of dealing with our clients we are members of a variety of professional bodies and subscribe willingly to their rigorous codes of conduct.









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Which? Is one of the premier consumer advice services currently operating in the UK. Indy is proud to be recognised as one of their Trusted Traders. 

Which? Trusted traders sign up to a rigorous code of conduct which sets out to ensure that you, the consumer, get the best possible customer service.  You can find our Which? Page and consumer reviews of our service by following this link.







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The CCN or Countrywide Care Network is a network of mobility dealers from accross the UK dedicated to excellence and professionalism. Indy is a recent member but no less dedicated to the cause of getting things right the first time than other more long standing members.


The CCN recently secured the contract to supply much needed goods and services to the Royal British Legion and as such is committed to looking after the nations veterans and ensuring that they receive the very best of service.  










Countrywide care network Indy Limited
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