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Designed to interrupt the transmission of pain signals to the brain these TPN 200 Tens Machines can offer some welcome relief to people with a wide variety of medical conditions.


Benefits and Features:


TPN 200 Plus

  • Variable pulse rate between 2Hz and 150Hz.
  • Variable pulse width between 30µs and 260µs.
  • Has a built in belt clip for use on the go.
  • Simple to use analogue controls
  • Flip down front cover protects controls for being jogged.
  • Selectable modes: Modulation, Constant, Burst
  • Supplied complete with leads, self adhesive electrodes 1×9V battery and TENS User Guide in soft carry case.


TPN 200 Premier Plus:


  • All the above features plus:
  • Flip down top cover to protect the top controls.
  • Built in viewing panel on the slip down front cover to allow you to check the settings without opening it up.
  • A fully featured timer for greater control of the unit.

TPN 200 Tens Machines

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