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A high risk air mattress ideal for patients considered to be at high risk of developing bed sores and ulcers.


Benefits and Features:


  • Comes with easy to clean waterproof and vapour permeable stretch polyeurethane cover which is impregnated with Acti-fresh biocide to help keep it clean and hygienic.
  • High frequency welded seams and integral covered hoses reduce the chance that any fluid will enter the inner workings of the mattress.
  • Mattress cell system and cover can be removed and laundered at 80°C for decontamination purposes.
  • Easy to use tactile control panel is wipe clean to resist the transfer of pathogens.
  • Alternating pressure mode supplies optimum pressure relief and comfort.
  • Fixed static cells in the head section help patients who suffer from motion sickness avoid problems when using this mattress.
  • In alternating mode the mattress will self regulate setting the cell pressure automatically to suit the individual patient based on their weight and chosen morphology.
  • Mattress features static side made from a Visco-elastic foam surface which is ideal for delivering excellent comfort alongside a high degree of pressure reduction.
  • Control panel features an auto-lock out to prevent unauthorised persons (read the grandchildren) from fiddling with the controls.
  • In the event of a power failure the valves in the pump will automatically shut off to prevent deflation and allow the mattress to retain its last inflation level for up to 24 hours.
  • Easy access, easy to use CPR tag allows rapid deflation within 10 seconds in the case of emergency. 
  • 20 minute static mode allows the carer to reposition the patient while the mattress is stationary without interference from any scheduled pressure relief routines.
  • Dual tone audible alarms alert carer in the event of a power failure or lack of pressure with a different tone making diagnosis of a problem easy.
  • Air filters are easily accessible and help prolongue the lifespan of the mattress.
  • Independent cell construction allows individual parts to be replaced in place of the whole unit to reduce ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Suitable for users up to 40 stone.


Bulk discounts are available on this item. For details please call 01386 443857 and ask about our nursing home pricing.

Hybrid-Turn Air Mattress

SKU: 1001280001
  • Max. Weight Limit:  254 kg / 40 stone

    Risk Factor: Up to High Risk

    Warranty: 2 years pump / 5 years foam & cover

    Mattress Dimensions: (inflated) 198cm x 88cm x 18cm

    Mattress Weight:  20 kg

    Crib Rating: Source 0, 1 & Crib 5

    Operating Cycle:  10, 15, 20, 25 minutes



    Power Unit Dimensions: 25.4 x 13 x 9.5 cm 

    Power Unit Weight: 1.6 kgs


    Safety Standards: BS5852 & BS7177

    Voltage: AC230V 50 Hz 0.5A

    Noise Level: <30db

    Fuse Rating: T1AL/250v

    Fuse: External

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