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The Buckingham Brabuddy is the latest product in the unique Buckingham range. It takes the effort out of bra dressing completely because it not only holds one end of the bra in place but it also brings the other end of the bra around the body enabling the user to easily couple up the hooks and eyes. Designing a product that enables ladies to dress independently has been an immense challenge for Occupational Therapist Chris Buckingham. The bra buddy is one of a kind and will make dressing a much simpler task. There is no longer a need to ask for help or buy adaptive bras. It gives ladies the independence that they deserve. The bra buddy is suitable for ladies that have suffered a dense stroke or only have the use of one functioning hand – for example; broken arm / wrist, neck problems, back problems, back surgery, arthritis – any condition that impedes them from putting on their bra independently.


SKU: PR55052
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