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Approved Installer

A really clever gadget which provides excellent pain relief with targeted electrical impulses designed to trigger your body to produce endorphins, natures own painkillers.

Benefits and Features:

Pocket sized.
Prolonged and often instant relief.
Ideal for those with long term pain such as arthritis sufferers.
Drug free pain relief.
No Leads.
Can be used through clothing.

Pain Gone ® Pen

SKU: AA9201
    • Used on the point of pain
    • No leads, pads or batteries
    • Small and lightweight
    • Use as often as required
    • NHS recommended
    • CE registered Class IIa medical device
    • Estimated life time of over 100,000 clicks
    • Over 3 million worldwide users
    • Clinically tested
    • Drug free and safe
    • Simple to use and no side effects
    • 30 second treatment
    • Works through clothing.